Your digital driving coach!

Price: $999.99 USD

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Maximize your performance on the racetrack with the Garmin Catalyst track recorder and race coach. You'll make the most of your day on the track with analysis of your performance, audible coaching from the Catalyst over your car stereo or headset, and maps showing exactly which line will get you through the turns the fastest.



True Track Positioning™

What’s my line? The True Track Positioning™ feature shows your racing line on the track.

Real-Time Digital Coach

Talk to me, coach. Get real-time audio cues from your Bluetooth headset or car stereo.

Automated Lap-Timer

Garmin Catalyst tracks and compares to show if you’re ahead or behind previous lap time.

True Optimal Lap™

True Optimal Lap™ technology factors all performance data to show your best drivable time.

Capitalize on Opportunities

Make headway. Immediate data and adaptive suggestions show key areas for improvement.

Large 7" Display

After your session, instantly review your session stats on the 7” touchscreen. No computer needed.

Securely Flexible

Secure Garmin Catalyst inside the cockpit using the included heavy-duty suction cup or the included screw down mount. Stay in the race without sacrificing visibility. This mount flexes to fit the form of your car and perfectly match your needs on the track.

Catalyze your driving performance.

Garmin Catalyst, a virtual racing coach and driving performance analyzer, mounts in the car cockpit to gather performance data and provide real-time audible coaching. Immediate session analysis helps drivers of all levels achieve their full track driving potential. Groundbreaking True Track Positioning technology uses built-in accelerometers, 10Hz multi-GNSS positioning and image processing to automatically generate your car's racing line on the track.


Safety is important both on, and off the track. Protect your Catalyst with a Garmin branded carrying case.

Commitment is hard. Easily move your Catalyst camera between multiple cars or in-between track days.

You're strapped in on the track. Shouldn't your coach be to? Add some extra security for when the going gets rough with a cage mount.


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